10 reasons you should travel to Cambodia

If you are planning to travel abroad on the holiday season, Cambodia is an ideal choice.

The Kingdom of Cambodia is located between Thailand and Vietnam, bordering Laos to the North. Compared to neighboring countries, not much attention is paid but on tourism, the country is attracting more and more tourists every year. So what is the reason?

1. Easy to come. There are many ways to get to Cambodia from Vietnam, including air and road. If you are in Ho Chi Minh City, traveling to Cambodia by road is the most economical and interesting. It takes you only 6 hours to take a bus to many destinations in Cambodia such as Phnompenh, Siem Reap and Sihanoukville with the ticket price of only 410,000 VND. If you travel by plane, the total time of checking in and flying from Tan Son Nhat airport to Siem Reap is 2 hours, with the average ticket price of 2 million.

2. Unique historical and indigenous cultural sites. Angkor Wat is a destination not to be missed when coming to Cambodia. This is a historical monument of the late Khmer dynasty from the 9th to the 15th century, surrounded by a dense forest. Angkor Wat temple has a unique architecture and bold ancient Khmer culture. If you’ve come here, do not miss the experience of watching the sunset from the temple of Angkor Wat. You can rent a bicycle, or ride a tuktuk for about 300,000 VND a day.

3. There are many tourist destinations. In addition to the capital, Phnom Penh, you can go to nearby main cities. Roads are bumpy and hard to go but the prices are very cheap. Moreover, you will have interesting experiences when watching the scenery along the way. Buses are many and there are many interesting destinations for you to stop and explore all day.

4. Delicious food. Cambodian street food is delicious, varied and attractive. Anyone who comes to Cambodia will love this country’s fried rice and fried noodles. In addition, you will also experience eating strange local foods such as hamsters, spiders, snakes and grilled crickets.

5. Friendly people. Cambodian people are very friendly and open to foreign tourists. They are always welcoming, talking, smiling and ready to take pictures with you if you want.

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6. No visa required. Cambodia is one of 44 countries in Vietnam that can travel without visa procedures. This mechanism makes it easy to get to this country faster and more conveniently.

7. Have many interesting experiences with local people. 75% of Cambodians are still farming. The culture and beauty of Cambodia are therefore still characterized by pristine agriculture. When coming here, you will experience in the open space of the river, and the immense space of the rice fields.

8. Peace and safety. Although you are a woman and traveling alone, Cambodia is always a place that brings a sense of security and peace. You will not have to worry about fraud or robbery issues.

9. The beautiful beach. If you are looking for a resort with quiet and pristine beaches instead of big and crowded resorts, you should choose Cambodia. From Phnom Penh, you can go to Kep and take a small boat to Rabbit Island. This small island only has a few tents and the electricity only lights 4 hours a day. If you want to go to a bigger place, go to Sihanoukville or take a speedboat to Koh Rong Island. The island is very quiet, with white sand and blue water. When you come here, you will feel completely relaxed as if you were in true heaven.

10. Cheap travel expenses. If you are considering where to travel is both beautiful and cheap, you should choose Cambodia. You do not need to save money all year and still be able to travel abroad. On average, you only have to spend about 200,000-300,000 VND to rent a single room and if you are in a dorm room type – dormitory, the cost is even cheaper, about 60,000-100,000 VND per bed. The price of street food is also very soft, about 20,000-60,000 VND per meal. You only need to prepare a small change to travel by bus, very convenient.

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