A Guide For Visiting Phnom Penh

About the city of Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh is a very suitable tourist destination without spending too much money. With tourist attractions like Cambodia Museum, dead fields, … visitors will surely have very interesting experiences in this place. Compared to other cities in the region, Phnom Penh is not as modern or bustling as it is, but it still has a very pompous look, besides a quiet look at some points.

Best time for traveling to Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh is located in the tropical monsoon area, so the climate in the year is clearly divided into two seasons: dry season and rainy season. The dry season of Phnom Penh from December to May is the best time to travel to this city. There are two sub-seasons with different weather in the dry season, which is the cool season from December to February and the hot season from March to May. In general, the weather is dry and pleasan. In addition, there are some very interesting traditional festivals of Cambodian people in early April.

Meanwhile, the rainy season from June to November is not really the time to travel to Phnom Penh Cambodia. Because there is a lot of rain at this time, the total rainfall of the season accounts for 80% compared to the whole year, even in the two peak months of July and August, it is easy to flood.


When traveling to Phnom Penh, you definitely need to know how to travel from Vietnam to Phnom Penh and travel in this city.

Moving from Vietnam to Phnom Penh

There are two types of vehicles available to help you get to Phnom Penh, which are cars and planes. For those in northern Vietnam, you should travel by plane, while those in the southern provinces, traveling by car are also very convenient and cost-effective.

The first is about airplanes, you can book flights to Cambodia with the stop is the capital of Phnom Penh at quite affordable prices, only from 2 to 3 million VND (roundtrip tickets included taxes and fees). If you’re lucky and hunt tickets during the promotional period, you’ll save even more travel costs when the ticket price is less than 1 million VND. Note that currently only Noi Bai and Tan Son Nhat airports have direct flights to Phnom Penh, so if you depart at other airports, you will have to transit at a third airport. Please select a flight with a transit point of Hanoi or HCMC. Ho Chi Minh City does not have to do immigration procedures many times.

Besides, cars are also quite popular means for tourists in southern Vietnam. Certainly, car fares are much cheaper than airplanes, only VND 200,000 / trip and VND 400,000 for round-trip tickets. However, the travel time is much longer. While a flight only lasts for more than 1 hour, it takes up to 6 hours if traveling by car. In addition, please choose reputable and reputable cars to ensure safety and comfort for your trip.

Move in the city of Phnom Penh

You can travel between tourist destinations with vehicles like tuk tuk, taxi with a little difference. Motorcyclists will be the cheapest vehicle, but you should be careful to choose a honest and careful driver. And you also need to have a helmet to ensure your traffic safety. Meanwhile, the tuk tuk is a very popular type of “taxi” vehicle in Cambodia but improved from a motorcycle with an extra seat. Moving with tuk tuk is very comfortable, safe and affordable. If you want to take a taxi, negotiate the price before getting on the bus.

You can also hire a self-driving car, but you need an international driver’s license and know how to get around so you don’t get lost.


VietAir is sure that the cost of taking a rest when traveling to Phnom Penh is not too expensive, because the price of hotel rooms in Phnom Penh is quite cheap. The luxury hotel in Phnom Penh is only 1 to 2 million VND / night, extremely cheap compared to other countries. Or if you still want to save more costs, mid-range hotels, hostels or homestay, dorm is also the right choice for the price from 200,000 VND to 500,000 VND.

– Relax hotel

Address: No. 81, Kan Oknha Nou (St. 105), Corner of St. 320, 12304, Phnom Penh 12000, Cambodia

Hotline: +855 23 222 577

Room rates from: 578,000 VND

– Lucky Star Hotel

Address: St Duong Ngeap II, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Hotline: +855 12 595 058

3-star hotel has room rates from VND 337,000

– Kolab Sor Hotel Phnom Penh

Address: # 436, Street 310, Sangkat, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Hotline: +855 23 979 797

Standard 4-star hotel room price is about 728,000 VND


Cuisine in Phnom Penh city is quite similar to other places in Cambodia with popular dishes such as chouk balls, Khmer fried beef or laap, Khmer red curry, … These dishes are mostly sugar dishes. City, rustic but bring great culinary value.

You can also refer to some extremely famous street food that many tourists love when coming here:

– Num Pang: is a dish made from a lot of ingredients inside bread: butter, pate, mayonaire sauce, spicy chilli, papaya salad, … served with fish sauce or soy sauce depending on the taste of friend. This is a dish that is famous and featured by the street with the taste of French cuisine in Cambodia.

– Nom banh chok: is also a street food peddling in the streets of Phnom Penh capital. The dish is made from simple ingredients such as noodles, lemongrass, banana, cucumber and bean sprouts.

– Num Plae Ai: the main rice balls are stuffed with caramelized jaggery, outside is covered with a layer of coconut fiber with extremely eye-catching. This is a quite attractive dessert of Cambodia that tourists love.

Besides, there are many other dishes that are equally attractive, travel to this city and enjoy a lot.

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Some popular tourist spots in Phnom Penh

Having arrived in Phnom Penh, there are two places that you can not ignore are Choeung Ek death field and Tuol Sleng genocide museum. These are places associated with a painful part of history not only of Phnom Penh but also of Cambodia under the genocide of Pol Pot. Surely traveling to Phnom Penh through these locations will help you understand and sympathize more with the city and this country.

– National Museum of Cambodia: Located in the city center, it is easy to move as the place attracts more visitors. Built in 1917 by two French architects but characterized by Khmer.

– Wat Phnom: this place can help you answer the origin of this city. According to the Phnom Penh travel experience this is an interesting tourist destination that you should not miss.

– Complex of the Royal Palace of Cambodia: although it was only built in 1800, this place is the symbol of the royal power of Cambodia. It is also a beautiful tourist destination with a special landscape that you will absolutely love.

This experience of traveling to Phnom Penh has partly helped you get the most overview when traveling to that city. Come here and discover interesting things.

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